Gavin Degraw – Not Over You

New video of Gavin Degraw’s “Not over you”. Great song and Jameson Bass did a great job playing and editing this video. If you like it hit the “like” button, subscribe and follow Brad Kirsch Music and Songs With Friends.
Thanks Everyone.


New Video of Lady Antebellum – We Own The Night

Here’s my newest video featuring Tristin Rowan. Jameson did a awesome job playing this song and putting the video together. Go to Jameson’s Facebook page and Youtube channel and tell him that he’s doing a great job. I’m so grateful to all the people watching and commenting on the videos. Enjoy.

Jason Derulo – It Girl (Songs With Friends Cover)

Just like that we have another video. It’s Jason Derulo’s “It Girl”. Hope you guys enjoy this one. Thanks as always to Jameson Bass of Songs With Friends. Thanks to all the comments and likes that my Brad Kirsch Fan page and Songs With Friends are getting. There’s new songs and appearances coming up soon. Keep checking back and keep sharing our videos.

Our New Song Of A Katy Perry Medley

It’s been a blast working and playing with Jameson Bass. Our songs are getting more and more views. We’re trying new things and just having fun. Here’s our new video of a few Katy Perry’s songs. Please feel free to link it to your facebook page. As always we enjoy the comments on my facebook fan page.

Katy Perry Medley – (Songs With Friends Cover)

BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN- Colbie Caillat Cover. new song

Jameson and I worked very hard on this recording and video. We hope you like it. Were jumping into summer and what better way to shine than “brigher that the sun?” Stay tuned for more amazing music to be pumped out each week 🙂 thanks for listening and loving music as much as we do!

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MuSiC Exponentially

Music.. is meant to be heard. we create, you listen, they create, I listen..sharing is definitely caring and recently, I’ve been experiencing how incredible making music with others is and making you a part of it.

My good highschool friend Jameson and I have been getting together finally, after all these years, and sharing our love and passion for melody making. What has happened in the last few weeks is priceless…is a singersongwriter only just that?? Music is a singular word yet just the opposite at the same time..Bringing more to music than the “singular” is what life’s about.

When more than one passion unite, the result has to be common sense.

Our purpose here is simple.. let’s live our lives fullforce and not have regrets, but moments of experience… While we live and share our moments, our stories will make memories and memories will make our music, and the more each of us has to share, the more the melody will resonate. .I do this for you.. to create…express… love…hope… and inspire….because you always do it for me.