MuSiC Exponentially

Music.. is meant to be heard. we create, you listen, they create, I listen..sharing is definitely caring and recently, I’ve been experiencing how incredible making music with others is and making you a part of it.

My good highschool friend Jameson and I have been getting together finally, after all these years, and sharing our love and passion for melody making. What has happened in the last few weeks is priceless…is a singersongwriter only just that?? Music is a singular word yet just the opposite at the same time..Bringing more to music than the “singular” is what life’s about.

When more than one passion unite, the result has to be common sense.

Our purpose here is simple.. let’s live our lives fullforce and not have regrets, but moments of experience… While we live and share our moments, our stories will make memories and memories will make our music, and the more each of us has to share, the more the melody will resonate. .I do this for you.. to create…express… love…hope… and inspire….because you always do it for me.



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