Brad Kirsch is about everything harmonious..
Born and raised in Los Angeles, I reside in the almost perfect suburb of Westlake Village, which I am proud to call home. Beginning to write my first songs in 2005, I have progressed and found my enriched sound. Singing has been my strongest passion since I can remember.
Writing my own material is something I love to do and would not have any other way. The fact that I can artistically create poetry and music, and to then translate meaning and acceptance to the world is unbelievable. I have a point of view just like everyone 🙂
Finding my sound has been a journey over the years but with every day that passes, my sound is more and more enriched.
There are just simply too many amazing and talented songwriters out there to count, let alone pick certain one’s of influence. People have said I can find similarities with some of the greats such as Fiona Apple (dark at times, but a tone that resinates), Maroon 5 (hip and melodic), Joss Stone (raw and soulful), and John Mayer (acoustic and deep).
With each performance I am part of, I try to reach out to every single listener. For my words or melodies to echo through someone to the point of taking a little of me with them is a goal I always reach for. Music makes the world go round, and I am along for ride with all of you. The time is now!



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